You can make a difference. 

I believe when we share our stories with each other we can change things for the better. I'm passionate about immigrant rights, creating welcoming and vibrant communities, and taking care of the wilderness. There's so much to do. Let's each do a little bit. From time to time, I will share action alerts here. But, hey, if your favorite form of political action is reading a book that's pretty awesome too.


Parents, have you called or emailed your congress person today?

My heart breaks for the families being separated at the border. Children as young as my one year old boy torn from their moms and dads. H and H may not be growing inside me anymore, but they'll always be a part of me and I cannot imagine not knowing where they are.

My heart breaks for America. This isn't us. We are so much better than this. Our congress people need to hear that every day. The hard part is that it seems like we don't have much power to stop this. It can't wait for an election. We can't walk in to a detention center and hold the doors open. So what can we do? Use your love, your voice, and your money. These tools may feel meager in the face of so much injustice, but it's what we got. Hold your child, give to legal aid, call your congress person, and treat humans like humans. And do it every damn day.

To sign petitions, see a call script, or find orgs to donate to visit